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Metal Prevention and Removal.


After fielding literally a million calls and emails over the years on this subject I decided it was time to offer the products I have had good luck with.


It is common over time for swimming pools to get stained with metals.

Often when swimming pool chemistry gets far enough out of balance or when balancing or adding chemicals too quickly the metals floating in suspension will get knocked out and plate them selves to the walls and floor surface. When this happens it changes the pool coloration as the metals build up. Often where the pool surface is more porous or ruff is where it will start to gather and show up the most. Some descriptions or symptoms I have heard are:


I have brown marks where the worms and leaves were after I opened up the pool this year.

My pool has dirt and it wont vacuum or scrub off.

My pool has white scale on the pool or dingy off white stains

My pool has rust stained spots

My pool looks like its got shadows from clouds above but there are no clouds.

My pool looks like it has coffee stains.

My swimming pool has brownish spots or blotchiness.

My swimming pool surface is defective I can see it changing to a dingy grey color

My swimming pool has blue green discoloration
My swimming pool has…..

It goes on and on.


Additional Metal Sources 


Your heater, Copper algaecides,

Salt from chlorine salt generators,

Ion Sanitizing Machines


If your pool water is very acidic and you have a heater you may be corroding the copper heat exchanger and now it could be your source of metal. Please use a by pass around the heater when making chemical balance changes.


Metals come from a source and are present in all water!

So when you filled your pool from the city water, the water truck, the fire hydrant, the lake, the water well. All of these places had water in a tank or traveled thru pipes or came from a lake, a well or some where with metal.


The key is to either keep the pool water balanced always so the metals are always floating in suspension.  Yeah Right!  Easier said then done. Even I have trouble on occasion.


Here we have daily torrential acid rains or even rain with high alkalinity along with very hot, hot, days. Some times depending on how much rain….. staying on top of the game can be difficult.


Metals drop out of suspension when your chemistry is shifted too quickly.
It happens when ph is out of control and always when alkalinity is off!


If you are not aware of these conditions and you add a good boost of chlorine shock or oxidizer as you normally would after a rain…  BAM!

Here come the pretty discolorations.


There are many swimming pool chemical suppliers selling remedies or preventatives out in the pool world.

There are hundreds of products you can use. They all work if you follow the directions.

Directions? No … We all do that! Right?


 Most of metal control products are made to lift or remove the metals from the plated state on the surface and get them back into the water. Some of these chemicals will blow your mind. If used properly you will actually see the stains dis-appear, depending on the chemical or remedy.


Now all you have to do is keep them in suspension and you never see them again.


Well we already went over the things that happen that cause chemical level shifts!

So chances are after a few days, weeks or months, a big rain etc, etc… and suddenly Bam!… your in the same predicament again. Your suspended metals are back to plating to the pool.


So after several attempts using metal removers and preventative you have de-stained and re-stained your pool over and over. Next comes frustration then discussed!

Yes I know I have been there.


Lets take a moment and look at the positive.

The good news is you know the stain isn’t permanent! You know it comes off!

You know the pool can look brand new again!


You also know you are at this point  fixing, re-fixing, buying chemicals to help re-suspend over and over.


So here is what I found that solved and eliminated the issue!

SplashingH2o.com features a couple of products that I use.


  1. Metal trap filters are great! 

   I use one to capture metals that are coming from my water source. It’s easy to use, I simply connected it to my garden hose - point it into the pool and add water thru it when the water level is low. The Metal Trap Filter captures most of the metals water gains from pipes, wells and city sources passing through as you are filling and topping off your pool. If you have well water it’s a must have item! This item is a great step to reduction of metals entering the pool from the source!

"Now many people say Hey!
I have no metals in the water I had the water professionally tested."
If your pool is stained already you need to get the metals back into suspension. 
If the metals are stuck to the pool you will not see a high level of metal in the test, because it is plated to the pool and no longer in the water solution.


So now is when you need to add your favorite metal remover to the pool water.

Metal removers work best when chlorine is at low levels and when ph and alkalinity is more towards the acidic side of the scale.


   2. Splashingh2o.com has a great metal removal product called Metal Retreat.

It is a great product and works the same as all the other metal control and removing products on the market, but, at a much more affordable price.

Once you apply your metal remover product to the water it will slowly react with the metal and the metal particles will let go of the pool and go back into suspension. In some cases it will happen quickly right before your eyes and in some cases within a couple of hours during circulation.


What is Metal Remover?

Most metal remover products contain Ascorbic acid, Citric acid or Vitamin C.

If you are wondering if your stain is a metal stain you can cut an orange, lemon, or grapefruit in half, put the flat side of the orange on the stain and hold it there for 15 or 20 min.

 If the stain is lighter or even gone when you move the fruit you will surely know it’s a metallic stain. Metal removers come in liquid and powder form. They usually do not remove metals from the pool water but do remove or lift the metal from the surface and put the metal back into suspension where you want it. To date I know of no Swimming pool filter able to capture all of the metals. I know for fact that sand filters will not capture metal. I’m pretty sure cartridge filters don’t either. Diatomaceous and multi media filters have been known to capture a percentage.


To date there are only two Products on the market that remove metals from water.


1)      Number one is the Metal Trap mentioned earlier
(It removes metals from fill water stopping it from entering the pool water to start with. A huge help for Iron Stains)


2)      Number two is called CuLator

      The only product to date that actually REMOVES metals from the pool water!

      New on the market and developed by scientists this product is amazing
and  patented I might add, it is the only product of its kind on the market.

      The CuLator product is as easy to use as it gets.
Simply drop it in your skimmer and it will absorb the metals that are in suspension! 
Removes Copper,Iron, Cobalt, Silver, Manganese, Nickel and Lead.

Once CuLator is full it will change color, it changes a different color depending on the type of metals it collects. Once it changes or 30 days of use has gone by it is time to pull it from the pool and throw it and the metals collected in the trash!


Please NOTE:
Culator will not remove metal from the pool surface.

You must add a Metal Remover like; Metal Re-Treat to the pool water to get the metals in suspension. Metal Re-Treat can be found on splashingh2o.com online store.




Metal issues are over its as easy as 1,2,3

1)      Order a Metal Trap to stop metal from ever entering into the pool!

2)      Order Metal Re-Treat to get your metal stains to release back into suspension

3)      Get a 30day supply of CuLator in your skimmer to catch and remove metals you just released with the Metal Re-Treat and capture all that pesky metal in suspention.

Every thing you need is here on Splashingh2o.com go to Shop Now at the top of this page and order Now!

 If you have any Questions Please send them to Info@SplashingH2O.com


Thanks for shopping at SplashingH2O.com

Poolman Bob
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